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Original English Course Book
Primary Grade
Middle School
Trinity Book
Original English Book
Primary Grade
Middle School


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Description:Common European Framework B1-B2

The skills course with exam preparation:
QSE provides a rich resource of 4-skills practice, especially speaking, which can be used as topical supplementary material with any other course. Task-based learning activities including a wide range of pair and group exercises, drama, role plays, conversations, interactive tasks and presentations.
QSE is a stand-alone 70-80 hour per level course with a strong functional, grammatical and lexical framework extended by Workbook and photocopiable materials, which include grammar and use of English.
QSE takes a global viewpoint, with authentic reading texts from British, American and other English-speaking World media, from reportage to fiction, plus Extended reading.
QSE is recognised as a valuable preparation for the Trinity College London GESE and ISE examinations and includes extensive examination practice in the format of GESE and Portfolio writing for ISE.
QSE is also compatible with other international ESOL curricula and examinations, including the University of Cambridge ESOL PET, FCE and at Advanced level CAE, IELTS and IGCSE.
QSE exam practice materials are available as Photocopiable resources in Teacher's Guides. The Advanced level Teacher's DVD-ROM offers video, audio and listening exams, plus the complete text of the Teacher's Guide, including all exam tests, as files that are printable from the disk.
QSE provides radical, rapid revision in English language communication skills for teenagers and young adults, based on the Common European Framework of Reference.


 Quick Smart English (QSE)由英国Brookemead ELT出版社于2010-2011年出版社出版,目前为止出版了4个级别,初级(Elementary,Trinity 34ISE 0,前中级(Pre-Intermediate,Trinity 456ISE I,中级(Intermediate, Trinity 789ISE Ⅱ),高级(Advanced,Trinity 1011ISE Ⅲ)。



 1  QSE以话题主导,每个级别有70-80小时内容。提供了大量的听说、语法练习,既可以单独使用,也可以结合其它教材一起使用。

 2  QSE采取内容与语言综合学习(CLIL)方法,每个单元既有语言知识训练,又整合了其它学科的知识,例如科学、经济学等。

 3  QSE提供了大量的符合三一口语考试大纲的听说练习和三一综合能力写作练习(ISE Portfolio Writing),被认为是备考三一考试的绝佳教材。

 4  QSE 同时也适合用于备考剑桥ESOL,PET,FCE,CAE。而高级可以用于备考雅思和剑桥IGCSE考试。

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