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Original English Course Book
Primary Grade
Middle School
Trinity Book
Original English Book
Primary Grade
Middle School


 Original English Course Book >> Kindergarten >> You and Me; Hello JoJo  

You and Me is a two-level, topic-based course for young children learning English for the first time. The topics reflect the world of pre-school children and provide a natural context in which to present language. The course offers considerable flexibility in order to make the most productive use of material within different classroom situations. You and Me is a full-integrated course which incorporates an extensive phonics, reading, writing and numeracy programme.


  • Appealing course characters and enjoyable stories motivate children
  • Language is presented through a variety of exciting and enjoyable activities
  • Units follow a regular pattern giving the children a sense of security
  • Skills of reading and writing are systematically developed
  • Memorable songs, chants and raps develop listening and speaking skills

Hello Jojo develops a love of learning English through motivating games, stories and songs for very young learners. It is ideal for children who are not yet reading or writing. It can be used as preparation for children going on to use You and Me Levels 1 and 2, or independently as a one-year pre-primary course.

Hello Jojo is designed for children aged between 2½ and four years. The methodology reflects the cognitive development of this age group and places an emphasis on movement and receptive skills. Topics such as family, colour and food are designed to be familiar to the children.


  • Simple stories introduce children to the idea of sequencing and prepare them for more complex concepts later on
  • One-per-term Activity Books combine language and number work
  • Stickers for each unit engage the children in activities and reward them for good work
  • Additional activities in the Teacher’s Book accommodate different lesson lengths and differentiation within the class
  • Development of skills such as left-to-right pencil progression gives children a good grounding for reading and writing
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